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Our Value & Ideas

We are dedicated to promotion of users’ experience, and to user-cantered creation of ICT production with high quality, high reliability and high openness. With scientific & specified procedure and diligent & dedicated attitude, we provide users with all-around services create value for users and promote the continuous growth of enterprises value.

  • Collaboration & Innovation

    Collaboration Innovation

    As an open platform for construction of SDN/NFV ecosystem by ZTE, Openlab can perform collaboration and innovation better with partners, and can perform integration verification on technique plan via OpenLab platform, so as to form competitive & commercial solutions. This open collaboration platform can implement value aggregation for industry link and promote healthy development of ecological link, so as to assist commercial success of customers.

  • Openness & Open Source

    Openness Open Source

    Openlab is dedicated to providing a professional open platform for partners/customers, so as to attract participant of partners from upstream & downstream of industry link as well as open source organizations; they can provide customers with complete end to end solutions and professional technique services, with new creative exploration technique collaboration mode of SDN/NFV application industrial target. Meanwhile, Openlab contributes our research achievement to open source organizations, communities and standard organizations actively, promoting maturity and development of SDN/NFV ecological link.

  • Recontruction & Evolvement

    Recontruction Evolvement

    Currently, each operator may have a lot of vacant medium/small machine rooms with network back and old device reconfiguration; currently, it is the main point of our research that how to reconstruct and upgrade network with existing resources to bring continuous revenue increasing space for operators. Openlab takes an active part in plan research for reconstruction, evolvement and innovation, accumulating experience about ICT aggregation technology and operation in virtualization stage, which prepares for subsequent large-scale aggregation commercial use of SDN/NFV&ICT.

  • Integration & Certification

    Integration Certification

    SDN/NFV system integration evolves to many complex work, especially multi-vendor integration & end to end services under multi-vendor and open source environment; however, ZTE is dedicated to being the best partner of operators for ICT transformation, it will assist operators to complete design, deployment, verification and OM and provide high quality of system integration services based on Openlab platform as well as its solid telecom & IT service knowledge; thus ZTE grows together with operators, embracing the approaching of large-scale commercial NFV.

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