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ZTE ready Certification

Verification of Interoperability & Compatibility with Partners' Products

ZTE ready Overview

ZTE ready

ZTE ready has severe compatibility test on partners’ products to prove whether partners’ products satisfy the compatibility required by ZTE products. If partners’ products complete ZTE ready test and obtain ZTE technical certificate as well as authorized use of ZTE ready trademark, it indicates they are highly regarded by ZTE, which proves that they can work together with ZTE products perfectly, meanwhile, the close collaboration can also provide perfect solutions constructed by both for customers for purpose of mutual benefit and win-win.

ZTE ready Certification Procedure
  • Submit Application
  • Test Preparation
  • Certification Test
  • Issue Certificate
ZTE ready flow path
ZTE ready flow path
ZTE ready flow path
ZTE ready flow path
Value from ZTE ready
The certification by ZTE ready indicates compatibility and interoperability of partners' products with ZTE SDN/NFV solutions, providing customers with end to end complete solutions. The certification by ZTE ready brings partners value more than the following:
  • ZTE recommended sales of certification products
  • Obtaining authorization of ZTE ready trademark
  • Joint sales of products by both
ZTE ready Query
ZTE ready inquirie

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