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ZTE Unveils Carrier DevOps Builder 2.0 to Accelerate Network Innovations


28 June 2017, Shanghai – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today unveiled its Carrier DevOps 2.0 solution and demonstrated how customized network slicing can help operators build more powerful and open networks.

ZTE’s Carrier DevOps Builder 2.0 uses enhanced carrier-grade Docker container technology to issue thousands of editable end-to-end plug-and-play customized 5G slicing services, to achieve fast network slice customization through a friendly graphical interface. The 2.0 version, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai, is an upgrade of ZTE’s pioneering Cloud Native Carrier DevOps Builder, the first such commercially-available solution in the telecommunications industry globally.

“With ZTE's innovative customized network slicing technology, Carrier DevOps Builder 2.0 will help operators meet the increasingly complex and diversified needs of the network,” said He Wei, Chief Architect of MANO Products at ZTE. “Carrier DevOps Builder 2.0 will help accelerate the transformation of many applications in the telecommunications by leveraging traditional IT technologies, and will create a more convenient, efficient and open basic network platform.”

Mr. He shared further insights on the new technology in his "Carrier DevOps Promotes Telecom Industry Programmable Network" presentation at MWC Shanghai. 

DevOps originally is the concept of industrial production chain in the IT field, the general designation of a group of processes, methods and systems. Its advantage is that the development and operation will be closely integrated together to promote the on time delivery of new software features and services. This concept played a key role in the development of ZTE’s Carrier DevOps Builder 2.0, which is designed to support the high availability and reliability requirements of telecom networks.

DevOps provides "closed-loop" automatic design, automatic development, automatic deployment, and automatic operation and maintenance (O&M) environment for micro-service-based network slices, and adopts big data and AI technologies to implement closed-loop intelligent analysis and automated O&M.

“Due to multifarious industrial applications, the era when one network with same functions can serve all industries is coming to the end,” Mr. He said. “In order to better understand application requirements of different industries, ZTE adopted an ecosystem-based approach in the development of Carrier DevOps Builder 2.0.”

ZTE has been working with industry partners in industries including banking, transportation and smart home to help operators build customized different segment network slices.

As a leading provider of telecom equipment and solutions, ZTE is committed to optimizing the capabilities of its Carrier DevOps solution. As the 5G era approaches, ZTE is focusing on integrating SDN / NFV technology to help operators in network digital transformation and business model innovations.

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