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ZTE joined NFV-ITI league officially


In order to promote development and maturity of NFV industry further as well as the development of OPNFV (Open Platform for NFV), Nokia, Ericson, Cisco and Huawei initiated NFV-ITI together in December, 2016. The purpose is to help operators optimize integration deployment cost, simplify multi-vendor collaboration procedure and implement fast online of services.

NFV-ITI focusing will be applied to interconnection test of commercial NFV solution on operator network, which gives basic interconnection specification through practice, such as interconnection test case, standard/procedure/ method of the test, guide, template and test tools.
Upon receipt of the message, Telecom Cloud and CN product team carried out actions; with help of radio standard team and leaders & colleagues from CTO group, after seeking the organization and repeated communication, they finally joined the vendor league together with Samsung and Amdocs as the first batch.

NFV-ITI has appealed to overseas operators since the proposal; some operators have asked ZTE about joining in NFV-ITI. Joining the organization has a positive impact on the establishment of ZTE NFV ecosystem, so that ZTE has a platform for communication with other NFV vendor interconnection test.

On June 15th, 2017, representative of NFV-ITI will announce official establishment of portal website at the OPNFV conference: https://www.nfv-iti.org/, as well as joining of ZTE, Samsung and Amdocs, which indicates official sailing of NFV-ITI; CN team will take an active part in subsequent activities and play an influential role in the organization.

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