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ZTE Simplifies O&M for China Mobile (Hubei), to Improve VoLTE User Voice Perception


A major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that its big data based end-to-end VoLTE intelligent O&M (operation and maintenance) solution successfully facilitated China Mobile (Hubei) in enhancing user perception, improving network O&M efficiency by 80% and reducing OPEX by 55%.

With the speed-up commercial deployment of VoLTE in the global market, users are craving higher voice service quality. The traditional MOS (Mean Opinion Score) measurement requires special instrument or software for quantitative assessment, which is complicated, time and effort taken, and not efficient. In addition, the traditional MOS test can only evaluate the quality of a specific sample, but cannot reflect the actual user voice perception in a commercial network in real time.

For the China Mobile (Hubei) VoLTE project, ZTE deployed the big data based intelligent O&M solution to intelligent improve VoLTE voice perception in real time Through the AI analysis processing procedure of the big data system, it intelligently processes user complaints. The voice quality evaluation system of time slice can find areas with poor quality and voice noise in time, to improve user voice experience. It implements joint accurate delimitation and location in multiple domains including IMS, EPC and wireless, improving O&M efficiency. Besides, it proactively monitors KPIs of the entire network to ensure excellent services.

“ZTE has always been committed to building high quality and efficient communications networks for partners to address consumer demands for HD voice/video applications. ZTE cooperates with operators to optimize the performance of VoLTE network, and adopts end-to-end big data based intelligent O&M to improve comprehensive network efficiency and customer perception. At the same time, the future-oriented 5G network can provide smooth evolution capability and meet the long-term needs of operators.”  Xu Ziyang, president of ZTE Cloud Core Network, said.

To promote the opening and standardization of VoLTE networks, ZTE has joined multiple standardization organizations including 3GPP, and has conducted in-depth cooperation with leading operators around the world. As of now, ZTE VoLTE solution has been deployed in more than 80 commercial and POC projects in the world.

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