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Xinfengming Group Seizes the Opportunities to Become the Most Professional Fiber Supplier in the 5G Era


2 April 2020, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that when Xinfengming Group was mentioned, the first thought would be the "chemical fiber giant" in China. Now, when you mention the Xinfengming Group, you will come up with a new image: the leader in the application of 5G technologies in industrial enterprises.

Many people may wonder why it is Xinfengming Group and how it became the forefront of 5G technology applications.

For a city, to promote high-quality development, hard decisions have to be made from time to time, which may also happens to an enterprise. Only who making hard decisions to grasp the most important opportunities can standing in an invincible position. Nowadays, the 5G era is one of those key opportunities breeze that cannot be missed. Xinfengming Group has a strong sense of urgency: "If you miss an opportunity, you may lag behind an era," so it is adapting to the 5G era to seize the major opportunities in the 5G era. Keeping that in mind, the Group decides to become the leader in 5G technology applications as well as the most professional fiber supplier in the world.

Smart 5G Workshop wins the first prize in the National 5G Application Competition in China 

Rows of chemical fibers are produced orderly from the production line. As the carrying robots run back and forth, all the production scenes are synchronously transmitted to the industrial Internet platform in a form of ultra-HD images. In addition, centralized management and control, operation dispatching and expert processing of the whole Group's equipment production hence, the above mentioned is a vivid scene that the author sees in the filament production workshop of "5G Smart Factory" of Xinfengming Group.

As the first 5G industrial Internet application company in Jiaxing, Xinfengming Group has achieved full coverage of 5G network and carried out applications in mobile office, video communication, data collection, and many other fields. This year, Xinfengming Group carried out the 5G intelligent to upgrade the silk production workshop, and empowered the IGV (Intelligent Guided Vehicle) trolley in the workshop. Through the ultra-low latency and zero dead angle coverage of 5G network, the IGV trolley can therefore implement real-time communication on the 5G network. With the AI automatic driving technology, the flexible real-time change of the transportation speed and the flexible on-demand adjustment of the transportation route will greatly improve the working traffic in the workshop. In addition, the ultra-large capacity and ultra-high rate of 5G network can greatly increase the maximum number of connected industrial robots, and implement 8K HD video surveillance on workshops. This solution solves the problems of slow transportation, fixed transportation routes, small operating traffic, and many Wi-Fi-covered blind areas, greatly improving the management level and production efficiency of enterprise workshops.

"At present, we have achieved the full coverage of 5G signals in our marketing center, headquarters, offices, and other key fields, greatly improving the speed of accessing the "Feng Platform" and the speed of responding to the market and making decisions. In addition, the Group has already implemented 5G video communication in the factory, and has the basis of more data collection points. It is estimated that the number of future data collection sites will achieve 210,000." According to Wang Huicheng, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Group. In the near future, relying on the features of high speed, low latency and large bandwidth of 5G network, Xinfengming Group will further improve the networking capability of 5G applications, and realize integrated communication of wide coverage, deep coverage and digital collection in the whole plant. In addition, relying on the capabilities of high-speed holographic perception and ubiquitous connections of 5G, Xinfengming will achieve working coordination, man-machine coordination, remote maintenance, and flexible production, improving core competitiveness.

On October 16, 2019, the final of the Second "Blooming Cup" 5G Application Competition was held in Hangzhou. Ten projects have won the first prize in this competition. "5G Smart Workshop" jointly constructed by Xinfengming Group and Jiaxing Mobile has won the first prize for the second round of "Blooming Cup" 5G Application Soliciting Competition. It is understood that this competition is jointly organized by the China Information and Communications Research Institute, the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group and the China Communication Standardization Association under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The competition will solicit a wide range of 5G application and innovation cases from the whole society to give full play to the industry needs and the role of enterprise innovation main body and facilitate the commercial process of 5G.

"As a leader in the chemical fiber industry, Xinfengming Group has the duty to innovate and shape a new "smart + chemical fiber" industry model, to lead high-quality development in the industry and help build a strong chemical fiber country." How to take the future road to high-quality development? It is to expand industrial Internet applications and make industrial production more intelligent. The faith of Xinfengming Group is very strong.

To meet the new requirements of new tasks in the new era, on the basis of the original five strategies of Fort, Talent, Brand, Innovation and Sharing, Xinfengming has added and established an information-based strategy that focuses on industrial Internet and builds smart enterprises, and serves as a core driving force to promote the Group's high-quality development. They are striving to promote 5G informatization transformation and upgrade in traditional factories. They have applied the 5G network slicing technology in the construction of a new factory, and promoted the high-quality development of the industrial Internet by focusing on 5G applications. Based on the 5G ubiquitous and seamless connectivity capability, the O&M efficiency of the group is improved again.

In addition, Xinfengming has built an industrial Internet platform that integrates main data, real-time data, ERP, MES, big data, decision-making assistance, and industrial APPs. By relying on the platform, the Group can achieve internal and external interconnection and interworking, build up the all-in-one service chain, data chain, and decision-making chain of the group, and realize the applications of the group such as intelligent+ office, production, operation, energy, sales, and decision-making. According to the strategic plan formulated by Xinfengming, it takes about five years to build four platforms and smart factories with industrial Internet as the main line, build an information standard system and an information security system, and establish a set of information management and control mechanism. By the end of 2025, Xinfengming will build an all-round smart factory to create a first-class information industry and support the achievement of the strategic objective of "the most professional fiber supplier."

Only by attaching great importance to talents can we lead an enterprise in a stable and far-reaching way. By the end of December last year, the award ceremony for the Chief Scientist was held at Xinfengming Group. The Xinfengming Group officially hired the founder of asymmetric catalysis and "Click Chemistry," Nobel laureate in chemistry, the National Academy of Sciences (2001), member of National Academy of Sciences, USA, Prof. Barry Sharpless as the chief scientist, and the Nobel Prize academy was unveiled and settled in Xinfengming Group. With this cooperation, Professor Barry and his team will use the "Click Chemistry" concept together with the R&D team of Xinfengming Group to launch basic research in the chemical fiber field, to jointly solve the common difficulties in the chemical fiber industry and promote the high-quality development of Xinfengming Group.
Looking forward to the future, Xinfengming Group will keep up with the trend of the times and steadfastly act as a leader in 5G technology applications to promote the development of the chemical fiber industry towards green, low-carbon, digital, intelligent, and flexible quality, and make greater contributions to the progress of the chemical fiber industry. 
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