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5G SA Network Embracing Digital Transformation: ZTE Participates Layer123 World Congress 2021


Recently, the Layer123 World Congress (formerly the SDN/NFV Global Conference in The Hague, Netherlands) was held online. Several experts from Drei Austria, China Mobile, GSMA and ZTE attended the Workshop entitled “5G SA network embracing digital transformation” held by ZTE. They discussed the new technologies, industries and ecology of the global 5G SA evolution, and shared a series of outstanding solutions. Many mainstream home&abroad operators, well-known consulting institutions, media, and related partners watched the program online.

Mr.Wang Quan, vice president of ZTE, said that under the leadership of 5G, the digitalization process of the whole society was accelerated greatly. As the target architecture of 5G, SA networks will become a key booster for digital transformation of thousands of industries. To meet the requirements of differentiated scenarios in various industries, an intelligent SA network with SLA guarantee and on-demand customization is needed to accelerate the digital transformation of various industries, thus to build a new 5G ecosystem, and achieve values reshaping and sustainable development.

At the meeting, For the revolutionary breakthroughs in 5G SA technology and its impacts on the whole communications industry and the digital economy that integrates industry applications, experts shared a series of solutions, including 5G SA network deployment end-to-end slicing technology, 5G private network as a service, 5G-oriented distributed cloud solution, 5G+TSC network and automatic O&M that introduces AI technology. Together with the operators, the communications industry, and the industry partners, they discussed how to better promote the integration of IT and CT in the 5G SA era, expand new business models and develop digital economy.

Peter N. Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence, performed the theme on Workshop: “5G SA: What does the operator want to tell us?”He believed that the opportunity of 5G SA lay in the promotion of digital transformation of the industry, and the 5G SA deployment can effectively bring new capabilities, with the challenges of costs and comprehensive automation.

Mario Paier, Head of Strategy and Technology at Drei Austria, shared the theme of “Drei 5G evolution,” he stressed the importance of cloudification of core network to 5G development and efficient network O&M in network modernization and cloud-based construction. He also reviewed the history of cooperation between Drei Austria and ZTE in the evolution of 5G network, and expressed that Drei would continue to cooperate with ZTE in the evolution to Future-proof Network.

Mr.Huang Zhenning, Project Manager of China Mobile Communications Corporation R&D Institute, delivered a speech on the theme “5G+TSC network” in Workshop, to build a 5G deterministic network supporting “high-precision time synchronization, bounded delay and bounded jitter,” and to assist 5G in deepening the OT domain.

Mr. Wang Rong, Project Manager of China Mobile Communications Corporation R&D Institute, in a speech entitled “5G SA network deployment end-to-end slicing technology,” said that the end to end network slicing, which is the cornerstone of 5G architecture, enables the support of the diverse 5G services over a shared network infrastructure and it will certainly brings new business opportunities to operators and industry customers. China Mobile will promote the maturity of end-to-end network slicing continuously and provide diversified and customized 5G services to industry customers.

Emmanuel de la Gardette, an ZTE CTO Group expert, delivered a keynote speech at the main venue, “Which “B” would you like to “B” ?” He discussed with the industry on jointly exploring new business models and positioning under the background of digital transformation.

Hans Neff, director of ZTE CTO Group, delivered a speech entitled “1+1>2, the way to success of telecom cloud” at the theme forum, and shared the experience of telecom cloud new ecology and service exploration in the 5G era.

As a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and solutions, ZTE is committed to continuously creating values for its customers through continuous technology innovations, providing high-quality 5G end-to-end solutions, implementing innovative 5G solutions, and exploring the path to 5G development, working with global operators and partners to build a new 5G ecosystem.

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