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Panda’s Coming: ZTE Rolls out World’s First Panda Protection 5G Messaging Application


Shenzhen, China. 22 December 2021 – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that it, together with China Mobile (hereinafter referred to as "Sichuan Mobile") and Dahantricom Corporation, has officially rolled out “Panda’s Coming”, the world’s first panda protection 5G Messaging application. The application has been put into use by Deyang Management Branch of the National Panda Park under the guidance of Sichuan Provincial Administration of Giant Panda National Park and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). At the debut of the application, ZTE donated a batch of 5G smart terminals to the park's patrol team for their daily patrol. 

5G Messaging, based on mobile phone numbers, does not need to be downloaded or registered by users, which brings new man-machine interaction modes. The“Panda’s Coming” has made full use of the advantages of 5G Messaging, including maximum reach, high efficiency and wide coverage. The application, in the aspects such as daily patrol, public participation and interaction in panda protection, and digital park tourism, can facilitate panda-represented biodiversity protection and habitat sustainable development, showing the world ecological protection and Chinese culture based on advanced technology.

First, daily patrol is more efficient. Through the "Forest Patrol" function of 5G Messaging, patrolman can implement daily tasks, such as sending panda monitoring data in real time, clocking in and reporting geographic location, and raising alarms, improving the patrol efficiency and reducing their work intensity.

Second, public interaction is more convenient. Users can participate in online interaction related to panda protection through the native SMS interface of their mobile phones, such as panda-related knowledge popularization, live panda broadcasting, and gaming interaction. This can help raise more people's attention to the biodiversity protection, and further expand the information communication channel and cultural influence for the panda protection.

Third, park tourism is more intelligent. 5G Messaging is interconnected with Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to explore ecotourism in open tourist areas and create new modes of publicity and education. Besides, it interconnects with visitor services and label data from the operator, and provides intelligent tour guides, including capacity estimation, visit appointment, route planning, voice explanation, and other interactive experiences. Later, it will be widely used in national panda parks to better play its functions of scientific research, education, and recreation, achieve digital innovation, and further explore the natural and cultural value of national parks.

"The purpose of establishing such a national park is to strengthen the biodiversity protection of pandas and their umbrella species. New communication technologies and equipment are in urgent need to help manage the patrol team scientifically,” said Zhao Weihong, Deputy Director of Deyang Management Bureau of the National Panda Park. “5G Messaging provides the simplest and most convenient communication technologies. It can greatly improve the digital patrol and self-service capabilities of patrolman." 

“The key to the development of 5G Messaging lies in the construction of an ecosystem.  As a driver of the digital economy, ZTE not only has built world-leading commercial 5G Messaging networks for operators, but also acts a pioneer in promoting the construction of a 5G Messaging ecosystem. Together with China Mobile and other partners, ZTE will continue to empower more biodiversity protection in Northeast Asia, build a harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature, and a coordinated partnership between environment and economy," emphasized Wang Quan, Vice President of ZTE.

For a long time, Sichuan Branch of China Mobile has been working to build a superb network to accelerate the development of Sichuan Province. At present, the 5G networks of China Mobile has taken the lead in continuously covering all the main urban areas of the whole province. Furthermore, it has been focusing on building the new information service systems based on “5G+ CFN + AaaS”. 

To date, biodiversity makes the earth full of vigor and vitality and lays the foundation for human survival and development. The new-generation communication technologies, represented by 5G Messaging, will have been playing an important role in promoting ecological civilization construction and protecting the earth's biodiversity, boosting the high-quality development of the society.

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