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ZTE and GSMA Intelligence release 5G messaging white paper


ZTE Corporation together with GSMA Intelligence, has released the “Messaging in the 5G Era” white paper. Focusing on “new lens, new experience, and new value”, the white paper analyzes and discusses the requirements, business models, and target markets of messaging services in the 5G era.

Through the practices of global leading operators, the white paper proposes that 5G messaging, underpinned by RCS (Rich Communication Services), is the destination of the messaging platform transformation for telecoms operators in the 5G era.

The white paper points out that the 5G era provides new opportunities for enhancing operators’ messaging service capabilities. 5G messaging includes three types of messaging services: consumer 5G messaging, business 5G messaging and IoT 5G messaging.

For individual consumers, 5G messaging, by virtue of the advantages of operators’ 5G networks, such as large bandwidth and low latency, brings users a richer service experience. The users can share photos, videos and experiences, potentially in higher resolution AR/VR scenarios.

Oriented to enterprise and industrial users, the digital transformation of vertical industries and enterprises is regarded as an opportunity for their 5G development. 5G messaging is widely available, intelligent, convenient and secure, and will help enterprises improve brand loyalty and business conversion rates. Also, it can help operators tap more revenues with value-added services in the mobile messaging market.

In addition, 5G messaging will create new business opportunities for participators in the mobile ecosystem, including service providers and third-party developers, as well as vertical industries such as banking, public sector and retail.

With IoT services, 5G messaging chatbots can provide users with easy-to-use IoT connection services in use case scenarios, including smart home, factory, building and public utilities.

According to the white paper, it is predicted that 1.1 billion people, or 20% of unique mobile subscribers worldwide, are covered by a mobile network that offers RCS.  GSMA Intelligence forecasts, by 2023, there will be up to 2.7 billion users – 50% of the global mobile. “ZTE is committed to providing operators with end-to-end solutions including platform, terminal, application and business consultation, and building a new 5G Messaging ecosystem with global operators and partners,” said Wang Quan, Vice President of ZTE.


Please click here to view and download the white paper:

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