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ZTE, China Mobile and NR Electric win GTI 2022 Market Development Award


3 March 2022, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that it has won the GTI 2022 "Market Development Award" for its 5G TSN Deterministic Network for Green Power Grid, which was designed and developed together with China Mobile and NR Electric. 

In the power grid field, greenhouse gas emissions are huge, and efficient use of clean new energy such as wind and solar energy is an effective means to achieve "Emission peak and carbon neutrality". However, wind power and solar energy are easily affected by the weather and regions, bringing challenges to new energy integration into the grid. Consequently, accurate measurement, control, and real-time interaction are required when conventional mobile network mechanism cannot meet the strict network requirements of the power industry.

To solve this problem, ZTE has released the Time Promised Communication (TPC) solution, which integrates 5G TSN/5G LAN/URLLC/SLA accurate control related to time-sensitive networks as defined by 3GPP Release 16. The TPC solution combines software and hardware to effectively solve the network latency and jitter caused by traffic conflicts. It is combined with the slicing technology to reduce 5G end-to-end latency, guarantees the determinacy of the communication network, and satisfies the super-high reliability requirements of the power grid.

Instead of optical cables, the TPC solution enables flexible access to the last mile, greatly reducing communication network construction costs. The solution can be widely used in power grid scenarios, such as power differential protection, power distribution automation, phasor measurement technology (PMU), and accurate grid load scheduling. It accelerates the deployment of new energy such as solar energy and wind energy, achieves efficient coordination of power storage, and helps the power industry achieve strategic objectives of "emission peak and carbon neutrality." 

GTI is dedicated to building a global platform of communication technology and promoting a prosperous ecosystem. GTI summit 2022, with the theme of “5G & Decarbonization” has focused on the current situation and strategy of 5G development, as well as how technology innovation will play a role in reaching the goal of carbon neutral and Net Zero. This award is highly recognized in the fields of 5G technology innovation, end-to-end product capability and network architecture verification.

This award further verifies the high application values and the broad prospects of 5G TSN technology. ZTE and China Mobile will promote TPC solution maturity together with R17 technology evolution.The TPC solution can be widely used in the industrial Internet field, including applications in key industries such as power, industry, logistics and healthcare, to significantly improve industrial productivity, operational efficiency and accelerate 5G business innovations. 

ZTE has carried out deep cooperation with industry partners to achieve in-depth integration of IT and OT, help enterprises achieve flexible production, improve resources usage efficiency, and build a green and low-carbon industrial ecosystem.

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