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ZTE Private Network as a Service, Helps Operators Explore New ToB Market


ZTE Corporation has demonstrated the full process of “Private Network as a Service” at the Mobile World Congress 2022 held in Barcelona.

By means of “service template-based network planning and design,” “precise all-scenario deployment ” and “simple E2E ToB O&M”, ZTE helps operators provide customized private network services for industry customers, achieving the one-stop Order-to-Service.

In 2021, ZTE put forward the concept of “private network as a service” in the industry, and carried out lots of researches and practices in the ToB market, involving such fields as smart factory, smart power grid, smart mining and smart medical care. Thus, the company has accumulated abundant private network service templates.

The one-stop Order-to-Service simplifies private network customization, optimizes construction costs, shortens service launch time, and solves barriers between supply and demand. Industry customers only need to provide application scenarios and cost budgets. Then operators take the drag-and-drop performance for private network design based on service templates, and select all-scenario private network software&hardware products as required. Next, pre-integration, installation and tests are completed in factories. Finally, overall delivery and on-site out-of-the-box become available.

As an important basis for the full-process demonstration of the “private network as a service”, ZTE’s All-Scenario Private Network solution takes the lead in achieving three aspects of convergence in the industry: 4G/5G convergence, voice data convergence and cloud network convergence. That  realizes full resources sharing and simplifies networking.

In addition, ZTE has also released the industry-leading i5GC solution, with one sever being able to deploy a full set of 5G core network. The solution supports public network-based private network services and public cloud deployments, providing the private network services with the optimal performance ratio.

Through the “private network as a service” business model and all-scenario private network solution, ZTE helps operators improve private network customization efficiency, rapidly replicate experience for the digital transformation of the industry and explore diversified markets.

Moving forward, ZTE will continue to work with global operators and industry partners to promote industry innovations.

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