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China Mobile, ZTE and industry partners release 5G VoNR+ Technology and Industry White Paper


ZTE Corporation , a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, China Mobile, together with ZTE and other industry partners, have released the 5G VoNR+ Technology and Industry White Paper during the 5G Deterministic Networking Alliance (5GDNA) plenary session. This white paper introduces four technical capabilities of the VoNR+ network and the application practice of new calls in the individual and industry markets, aiming to promote the coordination and maturity of the VoNR+ new call industry chain.

In 2022, China Mobile will launch the commercial use of VoNR. The 5G network-based audio/video call will bring consumers better audio quality and ultra-HD video experience. The 5G VoNR+ new call is a real-time audio/video call upgraded from real-time call to interactive and immersive call by adding the IMS Data Channel to interact any multimedia synchronously such as pictures, menus, emoji, and locations.

China Mobile and ZTE have joined hands with other strategic partners to actively promote the 5G VoNR+ work in standard research, specification formulation, pilot verification and industrial promotion. In November 2020, the two companies, together with other industrial partners, released 5G VoNR+ White Paper. In 2021, the Guangdong Branch of China Mobile and ZTE carried out the 5G VoNR+ pilot to verify the services such as "calling party business card", "intelligent customer service", "video sharing", "electronic whiteboard", "content sharing", and "simultaneous interpretation" services. In the same year, the Guangxi Branch of China Mobile and ZTE verified the feasibility of 5G VoNR+ roaming scenario and regional networking deployment.

The "Smart Installation & Maintenance" practice case in this white paper is an innovative practice of the Guangdong Branch of China Mobile 10086 customer service hotline and ZTE on the home broadband installation & maintenance process.  

The 5G VoNR+ new call is expected to break the traditional limitations, greatly improve the call service experience, and revive the audio and video call service. Currently, the VoNR+ technology is still in the process of development, and there is a great space for industry applications.Moving forward, China Mobile and ZTE will adhere to technological innovation, lead and promote the development of the VoNR+ industry, and work together with the  partners to create a new future of voice calls.

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