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ZTE and industry leaders: the future of 5G New Calling at MWC 2023


ZTE Corporation , a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, today announced that at the 5G New Calling Industry Development Forum jointly organized by GTI and China Mobile at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023.

Mr. Tu Jiashun, Technical Spokesperson of ZTE, shared his insights with guests around the world at a roundtable conference themed "The cooperation and business innovation of 5G New Calling".

Mr. Chen Xinyu, Vice President of ZTE, joined the New Calling Industry Cooperation Initiative and called for more industry chain partners to build a new ecosystem for win-win cooperation.

As a basic service of operators, the calling service plays an important bridge role in people's production activities and social communication. 5G New Calling is an upgrade of operators' basic calling services. Through technological innovation, it brings various interactive, intelligent and interesting new services to users. For individual users, New Calling can comprehensively improve service experiences, attract diversified people to return to secure and trustworthy operator networks, and lay a solid foundation for innovation in the industry. For industrial users, New Calling can be combined with industrial applications to reach users accurately, improve service efficiency, and meet remote and digital service development requirements of industries.

China Mobile, together with ZTE and other strategic partners, has actively explored and practiced 5G New Calling in standard research, specification formulation, and pilot verification, and jointly promoted the maturity of the industry chain.

In 2021, the Guangdong branch of China Mobile worked with ZTE to carry out the 5G New Calling pilot to verify the services such as "Calling Business Card", "Intelligent Customer Service", "Video Sharing", "Electronic Whiteboard", "Content Sharing", and "Simultaneous Interpretation".

In May 2022, China Mobile, together with ZTE and other industry partners, released the 5G New Calling Technology White Paper to promote the collaboration and maturity of the New Calling industry chain.

In November 2022, ZTE helped China Mobile Hebei Branch successfully complete the first call based on the 5G New Calling network architecture, and implemented the "Fun Calling" and "Barrier-Free Calling" services based on the 5G New Calling network architecture.

In January 2023, the China Mobile Guangdong Branch and ZTE jointly completed end-to-end commercial 5G New Calling capability verification in Guangzhou, and started the first batch of friendly user recruitment.

Building a win-win new ecosystem of 5G New Calling requires the joint participation of the end-to-end industry chain. In the future, ZTE will work with all parties in the industry to jointly formulate a blueprint for a 5G New Calling.

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