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ZTE R5300 G5 server achieves a remarkable feat by surpassing the previous world record in the SPEC test


Shenzhen, China, 16 May 2023 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions announced today that its R5300 G5 server has shattered the world record in the SPEC CPU 2017 test, showcasing outstanding performance. The latest test results, released by SPEC, a respected international organization for performance evaluation, solidify this remarkable achievement. 

According to the test results published on the official SPEC website, the ZTE R5300 G5 server has achieved an outstanding performance in the SPECrate 2017_int_peak/base test. It set a new world record by obtaining a peak score of 1,010/977 points, establishing an unprecedented benchmark for the SPECrate 2017 Integer score.    

CPU 2017 Test Records on SPEC's Official Website

SPEC (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) was founded in 1988 as an esteemed third-party test organization responsible for evaluating the application performance of systems. Comprising notable institutions like Stanford University, Tsinghua University, Microsoft, and dozens of world-renowned universities, R&D institutes, and IT enterprises, SPEC's primary objective is to establish, refine, and define a comprehensive set of standards for evaluating server application performance. The SPEC benchmarks are widely recognized as authoritative selection criteria for key industry users in sectors such as finance, telecommunications, and securities when choosing IT systems. 

The ZTE R5300 G5 server product, launched in January 2023, uses the latest Intel ®Xeon® fourth-generation scalable processor with a built-in acceleration engine to effectively improve application performance. This server supports a maximum of 120 cores across two channels, delivering strong computing power. With the high memory bandwidth design, the server provides 32 DDR5 memory slots with the rate of up to 4,800MT/s, improving bandwidth performance by 150%. It supports Intel ® Optane ™ persistent memory 300 series (Crow Pass). The new PCIe 5.0 improves bandwidth by 15% and provides powerful hardware acceleration capabilities.

ZTE R5300 G5 Server

Furthermore, the new R5300 G5 server can be flexibly expanded to provide a maximum of forty-one 2.5" disk positions" or twenty 3.5" disk positions and + four 2.5" disk positions. It provides high-speed I/O interfaces based on the hardware modularization and software platform design, and can be configured as required to meet differentiated requirements in different application scenarios. 

The new-generation G5 series products have undergone optimization in heat dissipation design, power module, and mainboard layout. They feature high-performance copper heat pipe heat sinks, resulting in a 15% reduction in thermal resistance. As a result, the measured temperature of CPUs is lowered by 5℃, effectively meeting the heat dissipation requirements even for CPUs with the highest power consumption of 350W in the full EagleStream series. 
Moreover, the new G5 series servers are equipped with the liquid cooling heat dissipation technology, employing cooling plates to enhance their efficiency. This implementation enables the data center's Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) to be reduced to 1.15. The cooling plates and pipes are securely interconnected, and intelligent monitoring is in place for all the pipes. Additionally, the servers support second-level alarms for liquid leakage, ensuring both environmental sustainability and product reliability in terms of green and low-carbon performance.

ZTE adheres to rigorous standards across every stage of the product lifecycle, including design, production, testing, and after-sales services. Every product undergoes over 10,000 meticulous test items prior to delivery, ensuring comprehensive quality assurance. Additionally, all devices are subjected to round-the-clock high-temperature aging tests to guarantee the stability and reliability of the products. This commitment to stringent testing ensures that ZTE delivers products of the highest quality to its customers. 

In 2021, ZTE’s previous-generation server product, the R5300 G4X, achieved success by winning two SPEC CPU 2017 benchmark tests. With the introduction of the new-generation R5300 G5 products, ZTE has once again set a new world record in SPEC CPU 2017 tests. These accomplishments serve as a testament to ZTE's leadership in delivering server products with exceptional performance. ZTE's servers not only meet the stringent demands of industries such as telecommunications, finance, and the Internet, but also provide stable and high-quality solutions. They play a crucial role in facilitating the digital transformation of various sectors and building reliable and robust computing infrastructure for businesses. 

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