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ZTE introduces the high-density full liquid-cooled entire cabinet IceCube Reshaping the green data center in the future


Barcelona, Spain, 27 February, 2024 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions has unveiled the high-density liquid-cooled cabinet IceCube, at the  Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024. This launch,not only showcases ZTE's formidable technical expertise but also underscores our steadfast dedication to fostering an efficient future through innovation.

As businesses increasingly demand data and processing capabilities, it becomes imperative to find a data processing solution that is not only reliable and scalable but also environmentally friendly. IceCube was introduced to address the growing demand for efficient, green data centers.

The IceCube cabinet can accommodate up to 40 1U servers through zero-gap deployment, significantly enhancing the computing power per unit space. With the introduction of high-density servers, the total power consumption of a single cabinet will reach 100KW. Thanks to the efficient cooling technology of IceCube cooling plates and liquid cooling cabinet doors, IceCube can significantly reduce energy consumption and achieve a partial PUE value lower than 1.1.

Additionally, the IceCube design has also been innovated for efficiency and ease-of-use.The cabinet design incorporates water, electricity, and network blind-plug bus technologies, ensuring high connection precision. Plug-and-connect and plug-and-disconnect functionalities can be seamlessly implemented between the node and the cabinet. This greatly simplifies the O&M and delivery process and meets the future automatic preventive maintenance and robot O&M requirements.

Stepping into an increasingly data-dependent future, IceCube's solutions are poised to play a key role in ensuring the sustainability of the digital infrastructure. Moving forward, ZTE will remain committed to technological innovation, continuously creating value for partners, and collaboratively building a smart Internet of Everything (IoE) world. 

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