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With Industry Leading Integration Capability, ZTE Cloud UniCore vEPC Passes VMware Certification


Recently, ZTE announced that it has successfully completed “VMware Ready for NFV” technical certification with VMware. ZTE Cloud UniCore vEPC solutions support full compatibility with VMware technologies. Both sides have carried out all-round and deep cooperation in virtualization. By interconnecting with VMware cloud platform and virtualization platform, ZTE vEPC solutions can implement automatic deployment of services and resources.

ZTE vEPC solutions decouple hardware and software by applying open vCN (Virtual Core Network) architecture, thus operators can enforce mobile broadband services on cloud platform fast with lower deployment and O&M cost. There are two mainstream vendors, open-source OpenStack and proprietary VMware, in virtualization R&D area. ZTE vCN develops based on OpenStack technology, vEPC solutions completes VMware Ready for NFV certification, and ZTE becomes the first mainstream vEPC vendor that passes VMware certification in the industry, fully showing the openness and compatibility of ZTE Cloud UniCore products.

As the virtualization technology progresses, “three-layer (hardware, virtualization, application) decoupling”, which is involved in decoupling tests with Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, now has become a consensus of operators at home and abroad. Openness and compatibility are the R&D criterion of ZTE CN products.

After passing VMware Ready for NFV certification, ZTE Cloud UniCore products again have enhanced the brand integration capability. ZTE will continue to promote NFV certification and integration of more virtualization solutions, making active contributions to the maturity of virtualization industry chain.


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