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ZTE vIMS/vSBC successfully completes Telefonica NFV reference lab performance test


Recently, Telefonica and ZTE have successfully completed VNF performance test on vIMS and vSBC of ZTE Cloud UniCore solution in Telefonica NFV Reference Lab in Madrid, Spain. ZTE solution has applied OpenMANO protocol stack in the test - Telefonica NFV Reference Lab to create and to deploy pioneering modules in complex network scenarios.

The test this time is aiming at baseline test on deployment and performance of the NFV (network functions virtualization) solution and the test result has fully achieved the performance of virtualization and software-based network infrastructure expected by the operator.

Establishment of NFV baseline is one of the cooperation achievements between ZTE and Telefonica under its NFV Reference Lab framework. Before then, both sides have already completed ZTE vEPC (evolved packet core network) test in that lab. ZTE Cloud UniCore solution decouples software and hardware via virtualization technology. Virtualization of hardware resources can be used to execute precise granularity allocation for multiple VMs (virtual machine), allowing different applications deployed on the same hardware platform. The adjustment cycle of NE capacity configuration can be shortened from weeks to minutes with fast deployment capability of cloud computing, this not only dramatically boosts network capacity expansion agility but also achieves device capacity scalability and eliminates device capacity bottleneck.

vIMS and vSBC Cloud UniCore solutions are deployed on a group of VMs, by making use of servers based on Intel Xeon processor and Intel data-plane development kits, they can meet performance requirement of the world top telecommunication service providers. In this test, based on Intel COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) server, vIMS and vSBC Cloud UniCore solutions have achieved high CAPS (Call Attempts Per Second) and excellent MOS (Mean Opinion Score) with high throughput.

This test is completed in a short time with remarkable result, and has achieved both performance and smooth deployment objectives expected by Telefonica. Both sides will continue to test other NEs of ZTE NFV series products over the coming months.

Javier Gavilán, planning and technical director of Telefonica global CTO team, says Telefonica has always been promoting and will continue to actively promote evolvement of network virtualization technology. Relying on NFV reference lab, we aim at assisting industrial ecosystem, including our cooperative partners and network device providers, in testing and developing virtualization network functions. We’re glad to have partnership with NFV reference cooperative partner ZTE. Antonio Elizondo, network virtualization strategy director of Telefonica global CTO I+D team, says ZTE vIMS and vSBC Cloud UniCore solution has shown remarkable performance, which exactly achieves our expectation on a well designed VNF and meets commercial network deployment requirements. We’d like to maintain close and productive cooperation with ZTE on NFV.

ZTE is always dedicated to the development of NFV and cloud-based network technology, and has extensive cooperation on PoC with operators and technology providers around the globe. ZTE vCN solutions have already deployed 5 commercial sites and 28 experimental sites worldwide so far.

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