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ZTE TECS Won the 2017 Telecom Core Network Innovation Award from People's Post and Telecommunications Newspaper


Recently, the People's Post and Telecommunications Newspaper presented the 2017 Editorial Recommendation Award - "ICT Innovation Award” – to industrial elite companies, covering three hot fields, “Mobile • Internet of Things”, “Network Reconfiguration • Cloud" and "ICT • Optical Communication". ZTE's new generation of carrier-grade cloud platform, TECS (Tulip Elastic Cloud System), won the "Telecom Core Network Innovation Award", fully affirming ZTE's continuous innovation and contributions in the field of telco cloud.

ZTE has always been adhering to the spirit of pioneering and innovation in the cloud-based transformation of telecommunications network. With more than 30 years of in-depth understanding of the telecom industry, ZTE launched the carrier-grade cloud platform, TECS, which leverages virtualization, SDN and other key technologies. It helps customers rapidly build an open cloud data center on generic IT hardware, and fully supports the flexible deployment of third-party applications, so that making operators truly autonomous in product selection. In addition, it achieves the unified convergence of whole network resources, elastic scalability of capacity and flexible network adjustment, to meet the requirements of telecom network in real time, on demand, automation and so on.

In November 2017, TECS 6.0, the new version for 5G and IoT, was officially released at the OpenStack Summit Sydney. Based on the latest OpenStack Pike, TECS is leading in function and performance among the mainstream cloud platform products. Aiming at the demands of 5G/IoT networks including high bandwidth, low latency, massive connections and rapid service innovation, TECS 6.0 features cloud native microservice architecture and edge DC design. It also employs FPGA hardware acceleration technology and boasts powerful ICT convergence resource orchestration capability. Thus, it realizes rapid service customization and release, high-speed network forwarding and flexible resource allocation, more fitting the demands of mobile network and new businesses in the 5G/IoT era, fully supporting the innovation and development of telecom operators. 

ZTE has been actively promoting the cloud-based transformation of telecom network around the world, and has been accumulating rich experience in deployment. Cooperating with global telecom operators such as Telefonica, VEON, Bharti Airtel, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom, ZTE has deployed its cloudification products in over 320 commercial/POC projects worldwide by the end of 2017.

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