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ZTE joined MANO open source organization OSM


ZTE joined MANO open source organization OSM officially on March 18th, 2017. OSM is an operator leaded MANO open source community with complete specification to ETSI NFV, OSM aggregates developed operators such as Telefonica, Telenor, BT, Verizon and Sprint, in which, many operators have the application of ZTE virtualization products, they are VIP of virtualization products. 

OSM carries operators’ auto-OM idea, especially Telefonica. It not only wants collaboration with ZTE on commercial products, but also the collaboration on standard and open source as well as position coordination.

Joining OSM helps ZTE to enhance market collaboration and technical communication with developed operators further, and to know pain point of operators on OM/operation field deeply, which is for better service on users and enhances influence and attention of ZTE on /from international market of MANO products.

Joining OSM helps ZTE to know ETSI standard deeply, OSM relates with ETSI NFV standard organization closely, operators’ Use Case is source of the standard, so joining OSM helps ZTE to expand ecosystem of MANO products, which is supported by operators in standard organization.



Figure 1: List of OSM members

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