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A1 vIMS Austria completed the entire commercial cutover, reaching Final Acceptance milestone


ZTE completed cutover of Austria Telecom A1 vIMS Linz website network & user successfully on March 15th, reaching Final Acceptance milestone on March 20th and obtaining high praise from customers.


 Austria A1 is a local branch of Austria Telecom Group, as the biggest local operator, the fixed network services occupy 56.3% of Austria market, radio services occupy about 43%. Austria Telecom Group belongs to America Telecom currently, which is VIP of ZTE in Europe.


 Austria Telecom vIMS has been enabled since August 2016. At the first stage, it was required to complete establishment of two test sites vIMS & two commercial sites vIMS environment and to complete acceptance test of thousands of service cases & virtual feature within half and three months, which guaranteed completion of commercial sites Vienna website. That was evaluated as ‘mission impossible’ by Austria Telecom customer technique OM team.


This was a great challenge for product line, research, CN product support department as well as representatives on site and project team. IMS, platform and MANO research & test team organized R & D test resource to support site with 24-hour shift work in key stage, which responded to the problem by customers on site fast, the process won’t stay overnight; the project team on site used the entire weekends and holidays and worked overtime to midnight with high-strength project sprint kept in half and three months, finally, they completed the replacement of old Vienna website ATCA IMS before last Christmas, the first vIMS office ID experienced successful commercial use, carrying 120 thousand VoLTE users and 20 thousand NUVS/FMVI fixed network users. The customer was satisfied with delivery process & quality of ZTE vIMS project in the first stage.


 After the first commercial sites experienced commercial big traffic test and guaranteed stability of product version, the project team began cutover online of the second commercial sites intensely. Experts of R & D test department and product support department as well as ZTE rear experts of guarantee team supported project execution on site and on ZTE rear with sacrifice of Spring Holiday, which guaranteed stability of network and fast response & solution of the problem. ZTE completes cutover of Austria Telecom A1 vIMS Linz website network & user successfully on March 15th, vIMS geography disaster tolerance Vie and Linz website loaded 50% of the whole network users respectively, the whole network number allocation reached 698 thousand, online users reached 175 thousand. That reached Final Acceptance milestone on March 20th.

The customers recognize high quality & efficiency delivery of project and fast response & solution of the problem, thus they send their praise and look forward to more collaboration with ZTE.


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