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ZTE EPC products completed China Telecom NB-IoT network test verification


 ZTE cloud CN EPC products completed China Telecom NB-IoT network test verification on March 24th, establishing the basis of great scale of NB-IoT commercial use to be enabled.


China Telecom enabled NB-IoT end to end out field test in 12 cities 7 provinces in January 2017; it is expected to establish the NB-IoT network with the greatest scale, the widest coverage and the most application by the time of June 2017.


For fast deployment of NB-IoT, China Telecom promotes direct upgrade of existing network EPC device to support NB-IoT function, and requires concurrent process on 4G human network access service & 4G NB-IoT access service via an S1 connection, as well as differentiated access management between human network and IoT on OM.


ZTE cloud CN EPC project team responds quickly, providing high quality of commercial version for China Telecom.


ZTE collaborates deeply with Sichuan Telecom and Fujian Telecom in NB-IoT out field test, performing comprehensive NB-IoT network function test according to ‘China Telecom NB-IoT Enterprise Standard (V1.0)’, including special NB-IoT functions such as control-plane service transmission, IoT terminal online power saving control and non-IP transmission of industry application information, which completes the interface interconnection with ZTE radio network & different vendor radio network successfully.


 During Fujian Telecom test, it is found that the conflict by human error in eNB base station plan causes interaction between human network service and IoT service. ZTE EPC experts discuss with Fujian Telecom about optimization plan, ZTE MME NE adds the special function of conflict prevent between human network and IoT eNB radio plan, as verified repeatedly, they find an efficient solution which solves problem of NB-IoT services unavailable caused by plan conflict successfully.


ZTE EPC products contribute to fast deployment of NB-IoT 800M radio network and fast commercial use of NB-IoT services in great scale with excellent ability, which receives high praise from customers. That has milestone significance for the first appearance of ZTE EPC traditional devices in NB-IoT ecosystem.

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