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ZTE was selected for central purchasing of China Unicom PC servers, all-around breakthrough on three operators


April 28th ,  China Unicom bidding website released the bidding result of ‘Annual Central Purchasing of China Unicom Cloud Data co.LTD PC Servers (Phase One) in 2016-2017’, ZTE performance was excellent and was selected in multi-bid-stage, which got good ranking. ZTE has been selected for central purchasing of China Mobile and China Telecom PC servers previously, now, ZTE servers and storage products implements all-around breakthrough on three operators, having a good chance of high-speed development.



Good results of China Unicom central purchasing


 It is understood that this IT devices central purchasing was performed by China Unicom Group and China Unicom Cloud Data co.LTD respectively. China Unicom Cloud Data co.LTD is wholly owned subsidiary of China Unicom, which devotes itself to providing construction and service of IDC, cloud computing and IT basic infrastructure for multiple quality customers such as government, finance, education, energy source and Internet; the target is to become new classic cloud computing and IDC operator worldwide, which is an important bearer of China Unicom for implementation of service transformation; currently, there are twelve supersized cloud data center constructed in domestic, total number of shelves is 30.


 Central purchasing of China Unicom Cloud Data co.LTD PC servers (phase one) is divided into seven bid stages, low-level configuration of fusion servers (2000), high-level configuration of fusion servers (1000), management servers (350), high end data base servers (400), low end data base servers (200), CDN servers (50) and storage servers (100) respectively, 4100 in total.


 Each vendor paid high attention. In nine domestic and overseas vendors participating in bidding, ZTE continued the breakthrough in each stage of bidding, finally, it was selected in three bidding stages (bidding stage 1, bidding stage2 and bidding stage 3) that with the most purchasing number successfully, total money of the bidding is tens of millions Yuan.


 Besides, in ‘Central Purchasing Bidding of China Unicom Group Disk Array Device in 2016-2017’ in January, 2017, ZTE was also selected in three bidding stages successfully, which means, ZTE servers and storage product line enter China Unicom central purchasing.



General direction of digitization transformation


 Materials show that ZTE has founded server storage product line since 2005, developing self-innovation all the time with deep customization strategy of ‘combination of soft & hard’, now, all the storage and servers implement self-R & D. Relevant products not only have scale of breakthrough in three operators, but also have scale of sales in industries like government and education, and enter high end market like bank.


In central purchasing of PSBC in 2017, ZTE stood out from around ten powerful opponents, being selected as number two in midrange disk array and number three in midrange PC servers, total money of the item is tens of millions Yuan.


 The requirement of operators’ market is changing softly. Operators expand market of industries like data center and government enterprises vigorously enabling digitization transformation, the common standard IT devices become an important hardware platform supporting service development gradually. Before and after this China Unicom central purchasing, China Mobile and China Telecom also enabled PC servers bidding, and the entire scale improves greatly.


 One thing to be noted is that during PC servers bidding, the trend of localization is obvious, in China Mobile central purchasing in 2015, the portion of overseas products from distributor agent still rank first, but the central purchasing in 2017 is under domestic vendors, which is the same as this China Unicom central purchasing, fast development of ZTE relates with strategy of self-R & D closely, under the environment of localization, the development of ZTE servers and storages products is prospective.


 ZTE defines itself as enabler of digitization transformation. Xu Ming, general manager of ZTE strategy & MKT, previously said that ICT penetrates more and more industries, digitization transformation will experience normalization. Operators are facing great change of industries, so they are looking forward to change and transformation development. Under the guidance of M-ICT strategy, ZTE will collaborate with operators about network, digitization transformation and ecosystem.


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