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ZTE and China Mobile take the lead in completing the first phase infield test of 5G Core based on SA architecture


Recently, ZTE and China Mobile took the lead in completing the first-stage infield test of SA-based 5G Core, laying a foundation for field tests.

In this test, ZTE used the latest 5G Core version (supporting the 3GPP 5G protocol released on September 30), deployed a 5G Core with Standalone (SA) networking in China Mobile Lab, and completed the infield testing of basic network functions and service processes such as AMF, SMF, UPF, NSSF, UDM, AUSF, UDR, PCF, and NRF. ZTE's 5G Core architecture is open and advanced, ensuring the smooth completion of the entire test.

The 5G SA test is an important means for China Mobile to promote the maturity of the entire core network industry, to finally build the target 5G network. By testing to verify the functional completeness, maturity and commercial-grade indicators of each manufacturer's 5G core network, China Mobiles removes technical obstacles for the commercial deployment of 5G SA networking.

5G SA networking is an important part of 5G networking. Its newly-designed service based architecture (SBA) and newly-introduced slicing and edge computing capabilities equip network bearers with more powerful and flexible service capabilities. At the same time, it only needs to implement a bit of transformation on the existing network, reducing impact on existing services.

Liu Jianhua, General Manager of ZTE CCN Product Line, said: "ZTE has been investing in 5G research since early 2009. The research and development of 5G core network technology is a very important part of the 5G development process. In the future, ZTE will continue to increase its investment in this field, and keep promoting the development and commercial launch of new technologies and standards, commercial deployment, helping operators transform their networks, and jointly welcoming the new 5G era of Internet of Everything."

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