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ZTE Secures Large Shares of 2018 PC Server Procurement from China Mobile


A major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that it has bagged a total share of 25% in six sections of China Mobile’s 2018 PC server procurement bidding, which signifies another breakthrough following its large-share winning in China Mobile’s 2017 PC server procurement and Hohhot and Harbin Private Cloud server procurement.

With the continuous evolution of NFV, SDN and OpenStack technologies and the further promotion of digital transformation, China Mobile is intended to enlarge its procurement of PC servers, with the procurement covering 8 sections and 13 server configuration models this time. ZTE acquired large shares in section 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, and exclusively won section 8, covering 10 server configuration models, with a total share of 25%. 

Of the sections, section 2 is the next-generation 5G network resource pool hardware platform which requests higher requirement and more stringent test indexes on functionality, performance and stability. In this section, ZTE won a share of 70%, fully proving ZTE servers’ high quality and good support to NFV. Meanwhile, it recognizes the great excellence of ZTE servers in terms of performance test, functionality test, stability test and power consumption test.

In contrast with other application scenarios of IT hardware, telcos’ services require underlying hardware to provide higher reliability, higher availability and high operability. China Mobile is very strict with server quality inspection standards, and has tested multiple aspects including performance, functionality, stability, and green energy conservation. ZTE servers have achieved outstanding performance in terms of general functions, overall performance, and stability. In addition, ZTE's full range of products are independently researched and developed, and the software and hardware can be customized flexibly and controlled independently, fully satisfying the demands of customers and bringing higher security, better energy-saving effects, and better open source software compatibility. ZTE's servers and storage products have been serving the telecoms, banks, smart cities, Internet and many other industries.

“ZTE has successfully applied CT highlights to the IT hardware such as carrier-grade hardware design experience, reliable and enhanced product quality, and flexible supply chain delivery, gaining high recognition from operators,” said Xu Ziyang, President of ZTE Cloud Core Network. “In the future, ICT is going to be integrated. ZTE will continue to invest in the IT field to prepare for 5G. ”

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