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ZTE Leads in Passing China Mobile’s R15 SBA Framework IoT Test


A major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced it had successfully passed the 5G Core SBA (service-based architecture) IoT test organized by China Mobile Research Institute.

As China Mobile’s strategic partner, ZTE participated in the whole process of standard discussing and formulating, and took the lead in completing the test and verification of 5G Core, advancing 5G commercial process.

In the context of interoperability being the essential condition of 5G   commercialization, the successful completion of this test attaches positive and vital significance to promoting the maturity of the 5G Core network and the entire 5G industry chain.  In association with China Mobile, the world's leading mobile operator and a leader in SBA architecture, ZTE took the lead in passing the IoT test, which fully testifies ZTE’s industry-leading position in recognition of its 5G Core solution’s openness and compatibility.

To embrace the mobile era of all connections, ZTE takes 5G development as its core strategy and continues to increase its investment in 5G core technology innovation. The company is committed to becoming a trailblazer in 5G and providing better services for operators worldwide to help them achieve digital transformation.

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