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ZTE Wins the Open Source Enterprise Award of OSCAR at 2018 Global Cloud Computing Open Source Conference


ZTE Corporation , a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today won the Open Source Enterprise Award of OSCAR  at 2018 Global Cloud Computing Open Source Conference, fully proving its innovation capability and achievements in the open source  arena.

The conference, hosted by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and Open Source Cloud Alliance for industRy (OSCAR), has 13 sub-forums covering infrastructure, containers, machine learning, storage, database, operation and maintenance (O&M), and many other technical fields. With a major focus on open source technologies and applications for cloud computing, the conference attracted supply and demand parties from various industries such as communications, government, enterprises, finance, and energy, exchanging extensively on the industry’s advanced open source technologies.

ZTE won the Open Source Enterprise Award of OSCAR. This award was a comprehensive estimation of enterprises’ participation and contributions in open source communities. As the world’s leading open source contributor, ZTE has been committing code in 14 open source communities, and has become the platinum, gold and silver member of 8 communities. With years of efforts, ZTE has made important contributions to OpenStack, OPNFV, Open Daylight, ONAP, Ceph, Docker/Kubernetes and other mainstream open source communities. Meanwhile, ZTE is actively employing existing excellent open-source software to construct commercial products, facilitating the healthy development of cloud computing industry, especially in telco cloud.

ZTE has been actively participating in the development of the NFV/SDN open ecosystem and has continuously increased its contribution to open source communities. In the future, ZTE will, as always, increase the input to open source communities, promote the use of advanced open source technologies in commercial applications, and work with partners to foster an open and win-win industrial ecosystem.

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