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ZTE Core Network Product Won the "5G Core Network Excellent Solution Award" and "SDN/NFV Best Practice Award" in 2018 Communications World List


At the end of 2018, the annual ICT list launched by Communications World once again brought the ICT industry chain to the center stage. With outstanding performance in 5G and SDN/NFV, ZTE 5G Common Core Solution won the "2018 5G Core Network Excellent Solution Award" and ZTE 5GC Automation Integration Service Solution won the "2018 SDN/NFV Best Practice Award". 

ZTE 5G Common Core solution won the "2018 5G Core Network Excellent Solution Award" 

ZTE Common Core is a 5G-oriented fully-converged core network solution meeting  full access of 2G/3G/4G/5G/Fixed networks. The solution is constructed based on Cloud Native and 3GPP R15 SBA standards. It includes integrated control plane, forwarding plane and user data. It supports unified resource management, unified authentication and authorization, unified user experience and unified operation and maintenance. It is designed to provide operators with an efficient, open and intelligent next-generation network to solve the problems in the 5G era, such as coordinated deployment, and deployment and network evolution of multi-network services, which can greatly reduce the cost of deployment and evolution.  

ZTE Common Core creatively introduces 5GC architecture technology into 2G/3G/4G/Fixed networks and deeply integrates 2G/3G/4G/5G/Fixed networks based on network functions and microservice components to expand the capability exposure architecture to multi-network access.

ZTE Common Core assists operators to smoothly evolve to 5G and make deep integration of vertical industries. It helps operators deploy future-oriented multi-network convergence target networks and multi-network services in one step at the fastest speed and lowest cost for achieving the transformation from a single network architecture to a fully converged network architecture. 

ZTE 5GC Automated Integration Service Solution won the "2018 SDN/NFV Best Practice Award"  

ZTE 5GC Automated Integration Solution provides operators with end-to-end one-stop services of 5GC network such as integration planning and design, solution verification, test design, integrated deployment, and integration testing through the AIC (Automated Integration Center). ZTE’s open lab OPENLAB and pre-integrated workflow cover various full-service scenarios of 5GC NFV integration  such as NFVI integration, MANO integration, and VNF integration, greatly reducing the integration difficulty of 5GC scenarios, accelerating operator’s 5G network construction and transformation. 

Verified by multiple projects of ZTE, ZTE 5GC Automated Integration Solution can improve the overall integration deployment efficiency by more than 65%. Up to now, ZTE 5GC Automated Integration Solution has been applied by operators in many countries such as India, Japan, Austria and other domestic 5G pilot stations and commercial networks, and has been well received by customers. In November, 2018, the solution was also demonstrated at the European 5G Forum and User Conference and was recognized by many European telecom operators. 

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