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ZTE Secures the Largest Share in China Mobile's Group Procurement Bid for Server Product


ZTE Corporation , a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that it has secured the largest share in the Engineering Computing Server Procurement of China Mobile's Centralized Network Cloud Resource Pool Phase III.

ZTE has acquired the largest share of China Mobile’s general server order (including the centralized PC server purchase and the network cloud resource pool server purchase), following the winning of two projects of China Mobile -- the 2019-2020 PC Server Centralized Procurement and the 2020 PC Server Centralized Procurement.

China Mobile selected the winning vendors based on the bidders’ quotations, product test results, product quality, supply capability, and after-sales service level. Winning the bid package of 1of X86 platform brings ZTE 60% share of the winning bid, about 17,312 servers, taking the first place among all vendors.

With continuous investment in server products, ZTE has been making breakthroughs and innovations. In terms of product quality, ZTE’s 5G network cloud service, compared with IT application scenarios, has higher requirements and  test indicators for the function, performance and stability with the underlying server hardware platform.  

ZTE’s R5300 G4, the bidding product, is a rack-mounted 2U2S server product independently developed by ZTE. With the outstanding performance, it has successfully passed the group purchasing test of China Mobile's network cloud phase III, and perfectly matched the network cloud service scenarios in terms of product design, function, and performance. The phase-1 network cloud project of China Mobile has deployed 14,000 R5300 G4 servers, which carry core services such as 5GMC, EPC and IMS and have stable performance.

Additionally, despite the tense situation of the global supply chain, ZTE always puts customer requirements first, sparing no effort  to satisfy the supply requirements of server projects and support the network construction of China Mobile.

Furthermore, with a complete set of rapid delivery processes and an experienced after-sales team for major projects, ZTE is able to promptly complete project delivery and provide perfect after-sales services.

 "In recent years, China Mobile's network construction is in full swing, and the number of purchased PC servers has greatly increased,” said Guo Shubo, General Manager of ZTE's server storage products. “As a strategic partner of China Mobile, ZTE is one of the few communications equipment vendors that can independently develop a full range of server storage products.” 

“The hardware and software of ZTE's full range of products are deeply customized, self-controllable, more secure, more energy-saving, and more compatible. To date, ZTE's servers and storage products have been serving operators, banks, smart cities, the internet and many other industries, helping enterprises accelerate their digital transformation," Guo added.

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