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ZTE releases Industry 5G Core White Paper


ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today released the Industry 5G Core White Paper. The white paper elaborates on an in-depth analysis and insights on the vertical industries and three private network deployment modes, and proposes the Industry 5G Core solution to enable digital transformation.

 With the acceleration of 5G commercialization, 5G vertical markets have entered into the stage of large-scale developments. Nevertheless, there are still many vertical industries with fragmented requirements. For instance, manufacturing, transportation, energy, and public safety and more industries have different needs for network coverage, reliability, security isolation, data privacy, and network control. To satisfy the diversified and differentiated requirements of the industry private networks, the white paper proposes the Industry 5G Core solution to precisely empower the industry with the i5GC product, integrate the cloud and network with the iCube product, and facilitate the rapid deployment and easy O&M of a private network with the ToBeEasy product.

 According to the white paper, the Industry 5G Core provides full-scenario hardware, such as simplified, standard, built-in, and all-in-one cloud-network. The industries can select models to meet their needs, and even the simplest model can be single-server i5GC. With the Industry 5G Core, the series of software forms are supported, and network functions can be adjusted, flexibly overlapped or expanded in accordance with industry requirements. To cater for customization requirements, this solution not only provides basic 5G connection capabilities, but also enhances the capabilities over "connection", such as 4G/5G converged access, industry voice, 5G LAN, TSN and cloud-network integration.

 The Industry 5G Core accelerates the implementation of 5G in various industries with the capability of "simple", "dedicated" and rapid automatic deployment. While comprehensively improving the automation and intelligence abilities of the private network, it boosts the improvement of the overall economic efficiency.

 In the wave of digital economy, ZTE, embracing openness and co-existence to empower the industry, works with global partners to further explore 5G and redefine the industry with 5G, to promote the prosperity of digital economy.

Click here to view and download the white paper: ZTE releases Industry 5G Core White Paper 

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