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ZTE and China Mobile Jointly Released the “New 5G Voice Network Architecture”


Recently, ZTE and China Mobile jointly released the "New 5G Voice Network Architecture" at the "5G New Growth, ZTE 5G Innovative Solution Conference." The new 5G voice network architecture can bring users ultra-HD, interactive, and immersive new service experience, making calls fun, easy to use, and efficient. In addition, through an open architecture, thousands of businesses in different industries can be enabled to create new value for 5G networks.

Voice services need innovation, and 5G networks bring opportunities

According to the 2020 Communication Industry Statistics Bulletin released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from 2016 to 2020, voice traffic of communication operators continued to decline, and Internet applications continued to have a greater impact on voice service replacement. Compared with the iterative update of Internet applications, almost no major change has been made in the call mode of mobile terminals for more than two decades. The call contents are still dominated by voice and lack of real-time information interaction, which cannot meet people's increasing communication requirements.

By facing the rapid development of mobile Internet services, how communication operators change traditional calls and rebuild network values has become an urgent problem to be solved. With the acceleration of 5G network construction and the rise of AR, VR and AI technologies, 5G voice network changes bring excellent opportunities. 

5G voice network innovation starts with the comprehensive improvement of user experience.

Voice network innovation first needs to reform user experience, which requires fun and easy-to-use call modes. In addition, three videos show you the brand-new service experience of the new 5G voice network architecture.

The ultra-high bandwidth of 5G networks can easily support full HD audio and video transmission to meet users' ultimate audio and video experience. Communication contents can be extended to the full media form. In terms of communication modes, real-time interaction and three-dimensional immersive new experience are introduced to extend interaction contents to various phases before, during, and even after a call.

The all-round upgrade of voice service user experience makes the call service more fun, easier to use, and more efficient, and can attract users back to a secure and reliable operator communication network platform.   

Provide a new 5G voice network architecture to inject power into service development

The innovative network architecture is the basis for improving user experience. The new 5G voice network architecture is based on the traditional audio/video architecture and has added the data channel, which can be used to transfer any multimedia information such as pictures, videos, menus, expressions, locations and AR/VR. The extended DC channels are synchronized with the traditional audio/video channels, so various media and interactive actions can be added during calls to achieve interactive and immersive service experience. 

The enhanced media platform supports traditional media capabilities such as audio and video, voice playing and conferences, and can transmit service logic data, operation instructions, and body data through DC channels. In addition, it combines and renders multiple media, and flexibly adds various services.

The commercial value of the new 5G voice network architecture is also evolving. A powerful system architecture is not enough. More importantly, a powerful, open, and participatory ecosystem should be built. The new 5G voice network architecture is based on the capability platform. Through unified APIs and the deep open network atomic capability, complicated networks and protocols are shielded, facilitating the convenient and rapid development and integration of industry users and application developers. In addition, through flexible orchestration and combination, the new architecture can accurately meet various innovative application requirements.

The new 5G voice architecture will eventually create huge social value and an excellent business model, which will inject an unexpected source of power for development of 5G services.

Work together to actively carry out business practice and exploration

Working with China Mobile, ZTE proactively carried out business practice and business exploration. In Guangdong Mobile, the First Call based on native SDK + IMS DC was first connected. The new 5G voice services under the 5G network architecture, such as calling business card, video replacement, mobile phone intelligent customer service and simultaneous interpretation, were realized. Together with the 10086 platform, the intelligent customer service process was developed. At the same time, the 10086 customer service call service was assisted by menu/video interaction, significantly improving communication efficiency.

On the terminal side, ZTE cooperates with Juphoon to provide the original and open SDK, bypassing the limitations of the current mobile phone chip in supporting the IMS DC architecture and enabling various terminals to rapidly support innovative services. This solves the limitations of the terminal-side development of the new 5G voice network architecture, and the terminals can enjoy new and ultra-clean, interactive and immersive service experience without downloading or installing dedicated software.   

Call for More Industry Partners to Build a Better Blueprint

At present, the new 5G voice network architecture is still in the early stage, so it is indispensable to achieve full-chain and full-industry collaboration, such as network, terminal, and business.

Chen Xinyu, Vice President of ZTE, called, "ZTE sincerely welcomes all the people and companies relate to 5G terminals, networks, applications and development to actively participate in this process. As the main platform builder, ZTE will gradually provide support for the whole ecological partners, and jointly promote the early commercial launch of the new 5G voice network architecture. “

Duan Xiaodong, Deputy Dean of China Mobile Research Institute, also proposed that, "Today, China Mobile holds a conference together with ZTE to invite the whole industry chain to work together. As the major operator and supplier of voice services, China Mobile and ZTE would like to shake hands with colleagues in the industry to create a blueprint for a better 5G voice service."  

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