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ZTE's new generation server r5300 G4X, the new power of digital transformation


ZTE Corporation has announced that the new generation R5300 G4X 2-socket server independently developed by ZTE has ranked the first in two benchmark tests of SPECCPU 2017.

In the public test results on the SPEC website, this server refreshes the results of the SPECrate 2017_fp_base test and SPECrate 2017_int_base test with 489 points and 576 points respectively, setting new world records in floating-point calculation and integer calculation performance tests.

The SPEC test results are the main technical basis for the global enterprises to select server products and solutions. The enterprises, involved in the SPEC tests, include well-known server vendors in the world. This refreshed records of the SPECCPU test results once again prove the industry-leading performance of new generation server R5300 G4X.

ZTE’s new generation server R5300 G4X 

Represents a new power of digital transformation. Based on the third generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor, ZTE R5300 G4X supports a maximum of 80 cores in two sockets and provides super general computing power. With 32 memory slots, the sever supports Intel’s latest generation OptanTM Persistent Memory 200 series and a maximum rate of 3,200MT/s. More importantly, the G4X server has a built-in heterogeneous intelligent calculation acceleration engine, which can flexibly dispatch various heterogeneous resources according to different application scenarios to achieve the best integration of computing power, such as CPU+GPU and CPU+FPGA. It can satisfy such scenarios as AI, image processing and industrial control, and maximize the computing potential.

At the same time, the R5300 G4X server inherits the excellent carrier-grade high reliability and energy-saving quality of ZTE server products. For its high reliability, through the carrier-grade component selection, derating design and rigorous verification tests (high acceleration limit test and 100% high temperature aging test), the R5300 G4X server is based on the carrier-grade equipment development specifications, and can fully meet the strict requirements of the telecommunications and finance industries.

In the aspect of energy saving, the server is optimized in terms of power supply, heat dissipation, PID fan speed control and Intelligent Efficiency Management (IEM). The whole system can save energy up to 15%.

In the era of IoT, with the explosive growth of global data volume, computing power has become the core element affecting the development of digital economy. ZTE R5300 G4X server features ultimate performance, flexible expansion, high stability and reliability and efficient O&M, providing a new momentum for the digital transformation of various industries.

About SPEC and SPECCPU 2017

Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC), which was founded in 1988, is an authoritative test organization for third-party application performance. It consists of dozens of well-known universities, research institutes and IT enterprises, such as Stanford University, Tsinghua University, and Microsoft. The organization aims to establish, modify and identify a series of server application performance evaluation standards. Its tests are one of the standard and authoritative benchmark tests in the industry. The tests are supported and participated by many international software and hardware venders, and the test results are selected as an authoritative selection indicator for IT systems by users in key industries such as finance, telecommunications, and securities.

SPECCPU 2017, which was released in June 2017, includes four test kits, specifically SPECrate 2017 Integer, SPECrate 2017 Floating Point, SPECspeed 2017 Integer and SPECspeed 2017 Floating Point. They are used to test the integer calculation performance and floating point calculation performance of CPU.

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