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April showers bring May flowers —Successful delivery of Bangladesh Banglalink vSDM project


On May 4th, 2017, Bangladesh Banglalink vSDM project completed cutover of around sixteen million users on existing network with successful delivery of the biggest virtualization SDM in the world. Without any problem and any complaint, the entire cutover procedure promotes the influence of ZTE on VEON (old name as VimpelCom) brand image and vCN.

Delivery of Bangladesh Banglalink vSDM project

Bangladesh vSDM project is ZTE virtualization project with first breakthrough in Bangladesh operator market. Upon receipt of PO, pre-sales, product research and after-sales coordinated resources quickly, which formed a strong project team soon; the purpose of the project is to establish delivery standard in industries and to provide customers with successful delivery experience. From arrival of goods of the project, test, first call, PAT test to the last cutover, each stage shows professional and dedicated ZTE project team with successful delivery of biggest virtualization SDM in the world in less than eight months.


During delivery, all of the customer maintenance staffs, technical director, CTO and VEON head office leader admire exquisite professional skill, passion and professional dedication of project team, and show their appreciation frequently; customers also send praise letters.

Delivery of Bangladesh Banglalink vSDM project

The sentence ‘April shower bring May flower’ describes this project vividly, we will try harder to fight for greater breakthrough and higher quality of delivery in vCN market.

Delivery of Bangladesh Banglalink vSDM project

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