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ZTE successfully passed the MANO-VIM-VNF interoperability evaluation of New IP Agency


Recently, ZTE MANO and NFVI have successfully passed the MANO-VIM-VNF multi-vendor interoperability evaluation test held by the New IP Agency (NIA). This NFV interoperability test is the industry’s second interoperability test project related with MANO after the ETSI NFV Plugtest in January 2017, mainly focusing on the interoperability of multiple MANO, VIM and VNF vendors.

ZTE passed the MANO-VIM-VNF evaluation of New IP Agency


After the NFVI-VNF interoperability evaluation held in last year, NIA started the MANO-VIM-VNF multi-vendor interoperability evaluation in this April, mainly focusing on NS lifecycle management including NS/VNF instantiation, termination, elasticity, self-healing and update. ZTE actively participated in the evaluation. From the interface communication to on-site interoperability test, ZTE VNFM rapidly accessed third-party VNF, and achieved the automated orchestration of third-party VNF through MANO. In this MANO-VIM-VNF interoperability test, ZTE’s MANO and NFVI successfully passed the interoperability test with third-party vendors, fully demonstrating the interface openness and function completion of ZTE MANO and NFVI products.


This MANO-VIM-VNF interoperability evaluation test involves 3 MANO vendors, 4 NFVI platform vendors and 4 VNF vendors, covering 55 test combinations. For the details of this MANO-VIM-VNF multi-vender interoperability evaluation, please refer to the white paper issued by NIA. The link is: http://www.eantc.de/fileadmin/eantc/downloads/News/2017/EANTC-NIA_BCE2017-WhitePaper-FINAL.pdf


With the continued maturity of NFV and commercial launch of projects, operators will be more concerned about the NFV multi-vendor interoperability problems. In order to achieve NFV decoupling, allowing operators to build a flexible and efficient network, ZTE will continue to cooperate with the NIA to accelerate NFV decoupling and commercial deployment.


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