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ZTE Completes Interop Challenge at OpenStack Summit


ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that its OpenStack-based cloud management platform, Tulip Elastic Cloud System (TECS), participated in and successfully passed the Interop Challenge at the OpenStack Summit 2017.

The Interop Challenge was started in the OpenStack community in July 2016 to create a set of common workload standards to be executed across the cloud environments of multiple vendors. The aim is to prove that these cloud environments can deploy and run the same type of software environment and demonstrate that these vendors’ OpenStack-powered releases are consistent and interoperable.

As a key member of the OpenStack community, ZTE is actively involved in the Interop Challenge project. ZTE TECS has previously been involved in three Interop Challenge pre-test scenarios: lampstack, dockerswarm and Kubernetes, and actively contributed to workloads for network function virtualisation (NFV) application scenarios in the OpenStack community. At the May 2017 OpenStack Summit, ZTE TECS was put forward in the on-site open Interop Challenge and successfully passed by deploying a standard Kubernetes workload on the TECS-based private cloud. This indicates that ZTE TECS products fully meet OpenStack's interoperability requirements for commercial releases.

ZTE will further promote contributions of NFV interoperability application scenarios in the OpenStack community, and continue to participate in the community's Interop Challenge test. As a representative of China's cloud computing industry, ZTE will further enhance the influence of Chinese enterprises in international open source communities.


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