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ZTE unveiled at OPNFV summit in Beijing carrying the latest PaaS platform


Recently, OPNFV (Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization) summit hosted by Linux foundation was held in Beijing, ZTE appeared at the summit carrying the latest PaaS (Platform As A Service) platform of DevOps Builder2.0 and shared mobile network oriented NFV commercial experience.

OPNFV is an open platform project created by classic telecom operators and suppliers of telecom & IT integrated plan, with the purpose of establishing operator level NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) integrated open source platform, and the purpose of accelerating NFV technology evolvement and commercial process in the industry.

 At the summit, Zhang Fan, lead architect of ZTE PS CN, illustrated problems of virtualization plan during commercial use comprehensively and how to solve the problems with OPNFV frame, with the theme of ‘mobile network oriented NFV commercial experience’.‘In the actual virtualization project, we will confront with many problems, especially those about network architecture, data-plane acceleration, carrier-class reliability and multi-device vendor interconnection integration’ said Zhang Fan, ‘Currently, ZTE has established over 240 virtualization network worldwide. In these projects, with summary of experience, ZTE solves all kinds of interconnection problems in actual projects through technique and experience in OPNFV frame, which guarantees commercial use of projects successfully. During the process, ZTE devotes to contribution to OPNFV community all the time, promoting industry virtualization progress.’  

During the summit, ZTE organized multiple seminars, including OPNFV performance test tool, problem management, OPNFV internship project summary and etc, showing the latest PaaS (Platform As A Service) platform of DevOps Builder2.0. Besides, ZTE showed containerization vEPC based multi-server deployment in association with China Mobile & Intel.

 As initial platinum membership and main contributor of the OPNFV community, ZTE contributes multiple key projects to the OPNFV community, such as QTIP, StorPerf, Daisy and BigData. ZTE has received multiple seats in the OPNFV community, such as board officer, TSC member, project leader and project member, and contributes open lab to support development & test of the community.

 ZTE takes an active part in open source project all the time; it is an active member and main contributor of multiple open source communities in NFV field. Besides OPNFV, ZTE is also a platinum membership of ONAP & OPENDAYLIGHT, a gold membership of OPENSTACK and a silver membership of Linux foundation. Open source platform plays a key role in acceleration of industry development. ZTE will collaborate with partners to provide customers with the best solution continuously.

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