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ZTE Launches Industry’s First Real-Time Orchestrator, Supporting 5G End-To-End Network Slicing


A major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today demonstrated the industry’s first 5G end-to-end (E2E) network slicing with real-time orchestration at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona, bringing the commercialization of 5G closer to reality. The visitors were deeply impressed by the demonstration at the show.

 At the show, ZTE demonstrated the eMBB HD video slicing and the uRLLC slicing across the access network, the transmission network and the core network, to illustrate the newly-released carrier-grade E2E orchestrated network slicing and to achieve the E2E network synergy.
Through the Carrier DevOps Builder, the customers can implement the intelligent O&M for the network slicing. They can also perform the intelligent network adjustment and the comprehensive optimization aligning with the network status and the customized KPI. The Builder provides the rapid, agile and accurate SLA (service-level agreement) network services, greatly optimizing the network resources and addressing the diverse network demands on the 5G era.

 “The sophisticated 5G core networks and services diversify demands on differentiated mobility, bandwidth, billing, security, policy control, latency and reliability, bringing huge challenges to the  network construction, operation, maintenance and management, “ said Xu Ziyang, president of ZTE cloud core network. “ The ZTE Carrier DevOps Builder completes the E2E automated network slicing operation and maintenance.  The demonstration today made us very confident of the commercialization of this network slicing technology. ”

As the world’s leading provider of comprehensive telecommunications solutions, ZTE has established extensive partnerships with various industries to test and verify the 5G core technologies. The demonstration of the ZTE E2E 5G network slicing technology  at the event this time further promotes the 5G innovations and the digital transformation in the industry. 

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